Odette Collar

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Make a major statement this season with this shell-flocked collar. A series of sustainably-sourced shells encircle the neck with an elevated closure that can be worn in the front or the back. Wearable at 14.5" or 16.5" with a removable extender included.
Using the foldover closure: Look for the JENNY BIRD logo on the flat bar. On one side, you’ll see a hinge, on the other side, you’ll see a tab. Gently pull the tab upward to open. To close, thread the tab closure through the opening, and press firmly to close. You will hear it click into place.

Note: As a result of the natural quality of shells, you may notice variations in color and shape, which is entirely normal and reflects the unique characteristics of each element.

length with extender: 41.9cm / 16.5"
length without extender: 36.8cm / 14.5"
removable extender length: 5.0cm / 2.0"
shell disc diameter: 6mm / 0.24"
weight: 25.75g / 0.91oz