Rustic Pour Over Platter Large

By flaunt
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Black stoneware layered with white matte glaze creates the stunning and beautiful contrast of our Rustic Pour Over Collection. We leave a portion of the stoneware exposed as a connection to the material like a gorgeous, natural wood beam, bringing the feeling of informal elegance to your table.


Large: 14" Long x 11" Wide

Medium: 12.5” Long x 9.5” Wide

Our products are authentically made by hand. We do not use pour molds or short cuts in the production process. Each piece is touched many times by the artist and must pass our quality standards before we send it to you.

We value health and wellness and use solely third party tested clay and glaze that is certified non-toxic and free from lead and cadmium.

Our products are dishwasher safe and oven safe. We do recommend that you heat your wares in the oven as it heats and let them cool to 300 degrees or cooler before removing them.